(Stillwater) — A Cushing teenager who is accused of breaking into three vehicles at Donnie’s Auto in downtown Cushing on Nov. 4 and a house on East Main Street in Cushing two days earlier was due to be arraigned this afternoon on four counts of second-degree burglary.     Justin Kelly Bass, 18, who has been in the Payne County Jail since Nov. 5 according to the Sheriff’s Office, could be given as much as a 28-year prison term if convicted of all counts, court records show.     While he was being interviewed at the Cushing Police Department on Nov. 4, Bass was wearing a stolen necklace that was taken from one of the burglarized cars, Cushing Police Officer Adam Harp alleged in an affidavit that was filed last week.     Bass admitted to Harp that around 12:30 a.m. or 2:30 a.m. that day, he went to Donnie’s Auto at 220 N. Cleveland and broke into the vehicles, Harp alleged in his affidavit.     “Bass said that he threw a brick through the back window of a white Mustang and took a 10-inch Punch P2 speaker in a speaker box and a Pioneer CD player.     “Bass said that he also took another CD player from a white Honda in the parking lot.     “Bass also admitted that he broke into the driver’s side window to the black Chevy Cavalier with a brick and went through the vehicle, but did not take anything.     “I asked Bass if he damaged the convertible top and he said yes. Bass said that he tried to use a screwdriver to rip it open but could not,” Harp alleged in his affidavit.     “When we asked Bass if he wrote anything on the front windshield of the black Chevy Cavalier, he laughed and said yes, ‘F…Da Po Po.’     “I asked Bass if he broke into the pickup that was parked in the same parking lot area and he said no. Bass said that after he took the items, that he rode his bicycle to his sister’s house and placed the property in her garage without her knowledge,” Harp alleged in his affidavit.     The Cushing police officer said that he recovered from Bass’s sister’s house a stolen Pioneer CD player, a 12-inch Punch P2 speaker in a speaker box and another CD player from the detached garage.     “The victim in the white Ford Mustang later came to the police department and asked me if I found a silver loop chain necklace,” that was also taken from his car, Harp wrote in his affidavit.     “I located a chain in Bass’s property and the victim identified the necklace as belonging to him because he welded an extra clasp to the chain.     “I asked Bass if the necklace belonged to him and he said no that it came from the white Mustang.     “It should be noted that while interviewing Bass, he was wearing the necklace around his neck,” Harp alleged in his affidavit.     Bass was arrested at the Cushing Police Department about 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 4, according to Harp’s affidavit.     An additional burglary count was filed today against Bass alleging that on Nov. 2 he broke into a house in the 800 block of E. Main Street in Cushing by opening an unlocked door.