(Stillwater) — A Cushing teenager has pleaded guilty to breaking into Rodolfo’s Mexican Restaurant on June 9, 2008, when a safe was stolen from the business on East Main Street.

Dustin Michael Cook, 19, was given a five-year prison term on Feb. 6 — with the balance to be suspended on his successful completion of the Bill Johnson Drug Offender Work Camp.

Cook was already in the state prison system for violating the probation he received in 2007 when he took an Agra man’s car that was parked at a Cushing residence and struck a mailbox, as well as a parked car in Cushing.

His latest prison sentence was ordered by District Judge Donald Worthington to run concurrently to the sentence he has been serving since September, court records show.

Two other teenagers, who were listed only by initials as his co-defendants on Cook’s burglary charge, were implicated in the restaurant break-in, according to an affidavit by Cushing Police Sgt. Mark Jobe.

During an interview last August, Cook said that he and the other two were riding around Cushing when one of the teens drove to the Rodolfo’s restaurant where the car stopped with the headlights shining on the front doors of the building, the affidavit said.

According to Cook, he and the younger teen stayed inside the vehicle while the other teen walked up to the front doors and began pulling on them, the affidavit said.

When the door was opened, they all went inside, the affidavit said.

Cook said that he went to a wait station just to the left of the front door and opened a cash register, but found nothing inside, the affidavit said.

Cook said that he went into the bar area and heard a loud crashing noise, the affidavit said.

Cook said that the other two had broken open the office door and were removing the safe, which came open when they dropped it, the affidavit said.

Instead of removing the contents and leaving the safe, it was loaded into the vehicle and driven from the scene, the affidavit said.

The safe was recovered four and one-half months later at a Cushing residence, the affidavit said.

According to court documents, less than a month after Cook had been placed on probation in his 2007 charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle, Cook admitted to a probation officer that he had smoked marijuana within the previous two weeks and would show positive on a test for marijuana.

Cook had been ordered to obtain a substance abuse evaluation at Payne County Counseling, but he failed to attend his scheduled appointments, according to a report by Probation Officer J.DC. Wood.

Cook was subsequently ordered to attend the ACTS substance abuse program in Cushing after he admitted continued marijuana use, the report said.

Cook attended three ACTS meerings, but failed to attend the majority of his weekly classes, Wood’s report said.

Cook had also failed to pay his probation fees and to make monthly payments on his $729 restitution for damaging the vehicle he had illegally used, the affidavit said.