Police need help identifying a person of interest in a short change incident at Naifeh’s this past Saturday.

This morning, (Monday) Cushing police officer Carson Watts was sent to Naifeh’s, 600 E. Main Street, after a suspicious weekend transaction took place at the local restaurant, resulting in a money loss.

During the investigation, Officer Watts learned the person of interest attempted to purchase a drink using a large bill. The person of interest then produced the large bill for payment of the sale, but as the employee finished the sale and gives the person of interest his change back, he asked for the large bill back and offers to pay with a smaller bill. The employee inadvertently gave the change back along with the large bill, without realizing the scam had just taken place.

This afternoon, with the help of another local business in the area, police were able to obtain a picture of the car the person of interest was riding in. A picture of the person of interest and car has been posted for identification.

-The person of interest is described as a:

Black male with a gold front tooth, dark hat, dark windbreaker, white t-shirt and tennis shoes.

-The car the person of interest was riding in is described as a dark colored 4-door car, which in the picture at right is the car farthest ahead between the red car and back of the white pickup.

Anyone with information as to identity of the person of interest is encouraged to call the police department at (918) 225-1212. It is believed that a similar incident occurred at another business over the weekend, too, so any help from the public in identifying the person of interest and car is appreciated.