Wednesday afternoon, Cushing police hosted the monthly Payne County Intelligence Meeting. Area law enforcement agencies met at City Hall to network, share case information, and review criminal activity and arrests throughout Payne County.

Stillwater Police Department Crime Analyst Judy Stanbury led the networking session, which included the following agencies: Stillwater Police Department, Cushing Police Department, Payne County Sheriff’s Department, Perkins Police Department, Oklahoma State University Police Department, and the Cimarron Correctional Facility Criminal Investigation Unit.

Chief Terry Brannon Said, “To date, our ability to network with each other has been very successful. More importantly, we have continued to build meaningful relationships with our law enforcement partners throughout the county, which allows us to share the workload from time to time. I appreciate the work Detective Harp has done, serving as our liaison.” Brannon continued, “I commend Stillwater Chief Norman McNickle, O.S.U. Director of Public Safety Michael Robinson, Sheriff R.B. Hauf, Warden Joe Taylor, and Perkins Chief Steve Hensley for making the commitment necessary to ensure that good law enforcement has no boundaries.”