Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty

Davis, Anthony Eugene: 30 years old; Payne County Warrant, CM 2014-629

Reid, James Alan: 31 years old; Payne County Domestic, A & B in the Presence of a Minor

Ralston, Thomas Clayton: 28 years old; Driving Under Suspension,

Expired Tag, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance,

Possession of Paraphernalia



Cushing Fire Department Reports 9/3/14 – 9/4/14

08:10 on 9/3/14, 401 E. 8th, to HHC

08:10 on 9/3/14, 322 E. 7th, no Transport

13:21 on 9/3/14, HHC, to Drumright NH

20:14 on 9/3/14, CCA, to HHC

23:21 on 9/3/14, 1027 E. Cherry Steet, Alarm System Activation, Unintentional no Fire, Apparatus E-1