Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty

10/06/15, Christina Nycol White, Born on 12/06/81, Warrant

10/06/15, Teddy L. Murray, Born on 09/08/58, Possession of CDS Meth, Possession of Paraphernalia (x2)

10/06/15, Michelle Marie Smith, Born on 03/21/90, Possession of CDS Meth, Possession of Paraphernalia (x2)

10/06/15, Charles Ronald Egger, Born on 11/26/91, Charges – 1st Degree Burglary, Domestic A&B, Interfering with a 911 Call, Knowingly or Intentionally Concealing a Controlled Dangerous, Uses or Possess Substance, Propagate, Cultivate, Grow Etc. to Introduce into the Human Body a Controlled Dangerous Substance Except the Licensed Person in the Profession of Podiatry, DentMalicious Injures, Defaces or Destroys Others Real Personal Property, If the Value is Not Less than $2,500

10/07/15, Tonya Lynn Thompson, Born on 02/04/77, Charges – Consumes or Inhales Intoxicants in Public Place


Cushing Fire Department Reports 10/06/15 – 10/07/15

08:53 on 10/06/15, 2340 E. Main, Drumright Hospital

09:05 on 10/06/15, 2408 E. 5th, No Transport

19:02 on 10/06/15, 1143 E. 3rd, No Transport

20:38 on 10/06/15, 8203 E. 44th (Ripley), Call in LifeNets Area, Cushing was Cancelled Enroute