Friends and family joined the Cushing Police Department in honoring long-time employee Molly Gregg. Gregg retired after17 years in the department.  

“We want to thank Molly for 17 years of hard work and dedication,” said Cushing Police Chief Terry Brannon at a reception held for Gregg in City Hall on Friday. 

Gregg began her career as a dispatcher but filled many shoes over the years including record keeping.  This spring, she was recognized by U.S. Marshals for her work on a case involving a wanted sex offender.  Gregg was credited for aiding in the capture because of her attention to details in the paperwork.   

“This is just one of the areas we will have to fill,” said Brannon. 
Gregg worked diligently in the area of sex offender registration.

“I just pretended I was Nancy Drew,” Gregg said, modestly. 

Gregg said the choice to retire was a difficult one.  “It was a tough decision,” she said.  “Because I really like helping people.”

Chief Brannon agreed saying, “Molly is one of the most caring and giving people.  She would literally give you the dress off her back if she thought you needed it.”

Brannon urged her to “celebrate the newness” as she begins her retirement.  “This is a tough job and now you have the opportunity to have a new lease on life.”

Gregg plans to continue to help people, “I’ve got a lot of little old neighbors that might need my help,” she said smiling.