By: Patti Weaver

(Stillwater, Okla.) — A Cushing man has been ordered to serve 120 days in the Payne County Jail for breaking into three cars in three different Cushing church parking lots during religious services, as well as ramming his vehicle into a sheriff’s deputy’s patrol car four months later when he was arrested.

Joseph Lee Rolan, 38, pleaded guilty to all of his charges on Friday before he was sentenced by District Judge Phillip Corley, who ordered him to pay a total of $3,442 in assessments on three counts of car burglary and $2,349 in his patrol car case, as well as court costs on all of his charges.

On his release from jail, Rolan will be on probation for six years and eight months for the car burglaries and serve concurrently four years and eight months of probation for ramming the patrol car, in accordance with a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Regarding the church parking lot burglaries, Rolan told Cushing Police Sgt. Matt Piatt, “What I did, I know wasn’t right to do. I just felt desperate from not having a job. No matter, it was wrong and I am truly sorry,” an affidavit said.

Rolan admitted to breaking into a 2005 GMC in the Church of Latter Day Saints parking lot at 1500 E. 9th Street on Aug. 13, 2018, a 2008 Chrysler in the First United Methodist Church parking lot at 530 S. Little on Aug. 26, 2018, and a 2007 Lincoln in the First Church of God parking lot at 501 N. Noble, also on Aug. 26, 2018, all in Cushing.

Rolan had been sought for about six weeks when he was arrested on Dec. 28, 2018, at 4:37 a.m. at Cypress and Central Streets in Cushing, following a car chase after Payne County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris McKosato attempted a traffic stop when Rolan’s Dodge Durango left the roadway on Highway 18 and Fairlawn Road, an affidavit said.

“As we entered the Cushing city limits, the Cushing Police Department joined in the pursuit,” with Sgt. Piatt and Master Police Officer Christopher Haywood, the deputy wrote in his affidavit.

“The vehicle ran several stop signs on Pecan,” at the intersections of Steele, Noble, Harrison, Cleveland, Central and Seay, the affidavit said.

“As we approached the intersection of Pecan Street and Depot Road, I observed the vehicle lock up the brakes and slide into the ditch on the west side of the road. I placed my vehicle directly behind the suspect vehicle and started to exit my vehicle, as I believed the vehicle was stuck between my car and a fence,” the deputy wrote in his affidavit.

“As I exited my vehicle, the driver placed the suspect vehicle in reverse and backed into my patrol vehicle. As I was getting back into my vehicle, the driver continued to press on the accelerator causing his tires to spin and start to push my patrol vehicle backwards. I held the brake down and placed my vehicle in drive and pushed the suspect vehicle back towards the fence.

“The suspect vehicle drove forward through the fence and around a light pole. My patrol vehicle has damage to the brush guard from the collision. I continued to pursue the vehicle northbound on Depot Street along with the Cushing officers. Cushing MPO Haywood was now lead car. The suspect vehicle turned north until it reached Cypress Street.

“MPO Haywood continued pursuit of the vehicle and I went to the south side of a small tree cluster to cut the vehicle off. I observed the vehicle get struck in the tree cluster and MPO Haywood and Sgt. Piatt made contact with the driver. Sgt. Piatt informed me the driver, later identified as Joseph Rolan, was in custody,” the deputy wrote in his affidavit.