(Stillwater, Okla.) — An arrest warrant has been issued for a Cushing man accused of stealing a Yale woman’s car two months before he allegedly stole a Kings brand disc plow from the city of Yale in 2014.

If convicted of car theft, Nathanial Wesley Cargill, 21, could be given a prison term of two to seven years, according to the felony charge filed by Payne County First Assistant District Attorney Kevin Etherington last week.

In his earlier felony case, Cargill had been released on $5,000 bail in February with an order to appear in court on May 4 when he can seek a preliminary hearing on that theft charge, which carries a maximum five-year prison term on conviction, court records show.

In his second felony case, Yale Assistant Police Chief Ken Moore wrote in an affidavit filed Friday that a Yale woman reported her 1984 Tan Ford Bronco II that had been parked next to her mobile home and camp trailer was missing on July 21, 2014.

“The vehicle had green plastic stuff in the driver’s side window. The left side passenger window had been broken out, all four tires are flat, and drag marks can be seen leaving the spot where it was parked,” the affidavit said.

On Nov. 6, 2014, the Yale assistant police chief spoke to Cargill, who had been arrested by Yale Police Chief Phillip Kelly on an outstanding city warrant, the affidavit said.

“I told Mr. Cargill I would give him one chance and one chance only. I told him I had an eye witness to a vehicle theft,” the Yale assistant police chief wrote in his affidavit.

Cargill told the assistant police chief that he had helped haul off a Ford Bronco for a relative to Northrup Metals at 322 W. Grandstaff in Cushing, the affidavit alleged.

The day after talking to Cargill, the Yale assistant police chief learned that Cargill had received $307.80 “for the vehicle he stole and sold,” the affidavit alleged. “The vehicle has an approximate value from $4,995 to $8,900,” the affidavit said.

The owner said “she did not sell or give this vehicle to anyone and no one had permission to move it,” the affidavit alleged.

Two months after that incident, Cargill allegedly stole a Kings brand disc plow from the city of Yale, which was recovered, according to court records.

Payne County Sheriff’s Deputy Bobby Miller wrote in an affidavit that about 11 p.m. on Sept. 27, 2014, he was sent to the area of 19th and Riverside Road “for a suspicious vehicle possibly pulling something.

“When I arrived in the area, I was unable to locate any vehicle, but I did observe several odd scrapings in the roadway.

“I followed the markings for approximately six miles where I confirmed they were caused by a large plow that appeared it was pulled without any tires,” the deputy wrote in his affidavit.

“I spoke to the owner of the property, Cargill, who advised he was under the impression that someone had given him the plow.

“I asked him who gave it to him, and he advised he learned secondhand and didn’t know who told them he could take it.

“I asked him where he got it and he advised by Yale. I advised him to not move the plow until I confirmed it wasn’t stolen,” the deputy wrote in his affidavit.

“Following the tracks back toward Yale, I observed several areas on gravel roads that had grooves cut into the road.

“Approximately one-half mile south of Highway 51 on Norfolk Road, I observed several gouges in the road that would need to be repaired.

“The road was just overlaid with asphalt within the last two months,” the deputy wrote in his affidavit.

A Yale police officer determined that the plow was taken from city property, the affidavit alleged.

“The following day, I received a call from the Yale Police Chief Phillip Kelly, who advised the plow did belong to the city of Yale and was stolen.

“The city went to the residence and recovered the plow,” the affidavit said.