Cushing Lumber Company presented a check in the amount of $150 to Caroline Wiedey at Cushing High School Monday to help defray the cost to send students to this year’s Special Olympic events.

Rick Lofton, who works at Cushing Lumber Company, spent several years coaching the Special Olympics and his wife Lisa is an aide at the high school.

“Cushing Lumber has always been very good about donating to help these kids,” Lofton said.  “It means a lot to them.”

Wiedey, who works as a teacher at CHS through Five Star Interlocal Coop, said the Special Olympics is the highlight of the year for many of these kids.

The students presented Lofton with a special Thank You card to take back to Cushing Lumber as a way to say thanks.

If you would like more information on Special Olympics or would like to make a donation toward the expenses to send participating students, contact Caroline Wiedey or Cathy Smith at (918) 225-6036.