Cushing Lions Club members welcomed Brent Thompson, Executive Director of the Cushing Chamber of Commerce to their noon meeting Tuesday.  Thompson touted the City of Cushing’s attributes and infrastructure, including the Water Park facility, health care facilities and especially the value of the young people who take an integral part of leadership in our community.  “I am excited to see them take an interest in their future here in Cushing and the future here for their children.”


After citing a drop in revenue from member dues, Thompson said surveys of those business owners revealed that they wanted more “value for members” from their chamber dues.  In direct answer to this, Thompson has an idea for a remedy.  In April, a giftcard campaign for “Keeping the dollars in Cushing” will begin, according to the director.  The giftcard will be treated like cash, used year-round and purchased at Chamber of Commerce to be spent in chamber member’s businesses.


The program was something Thompson started at his previous position in another state.  “The first year, we had $8,000. spent locally with the giftcard campaign.  Four years later, $60,000 was spent locally with this campaign.”  A good way for a business owner to show appreciation for an employee, for others to give as gifts – but would be spent only at chamber member locations.  The gift cards would them be redeemed by those members at the Cushing Chamber of Commerce office. “The back of the card would have participating businesses.  Its a good way to show appreciation – can be spent as cash with 100% redeemable to our members who receive them.”


In other news, Thompson revealed that the Cushing Chamber of Commerce will soon be providing training for members in dealing with the public to promote productivity, conflict management, phone etiquette, generational shoppers’ differences (i.e., Baby Boomers vs. 21 year olds).


Thompson again remarked on the positive things about Cushing and the friendly people here.


For more information on Cushing Chamber of Commerce membership, call Brent at 225-2400.  Contact Tom Cummings at 225-2521 for information on Cushing Lions Club or visit our website at