Cushing Lions Club members enjoyed two special adventures at their regular meeting Tuesday.  Oliver Holderread was honored with his 50-year pin, having started his adventure with the Cushing Lions Club in October, 1959.  Holderread is still, to this day, an inspiration and good friend to the local Lions members who appreciate his service all these years.


An adventure of another sort was presented to the Lions Club by A.W. ‘Ace’ and Linda Logan, who gave a slideshow program of their two year ‘adventure’ in Iraq.  The Logans returned a year ago from the warzone areas of Iraq, where they worked as civilian contractors.  They also had interesting articles on display from Iraq, Kuwait and from the biblical City of Ur, Abraham’s Home, which is located near where they were stationed.


Lions Club Members look forward to participating in Saturday’s Cushing Christmas Parade with their float, as well as next week’s delivery of the boxes of fruit sold recently to Cushing citizens.  For more information on Cushing Lions Club, check out our website at or call Tom Cummings at 225-2721.