The smell of “rodeo” was in the air over the weekend (Aug. 22, 2009) as Cushing hosted the OKlahoma High School Rodeo Association.  It was their first rodeo of the season.

Cushing is noted as one of their favorites, due to their excellent rodeo arena and facilities.

Cissy Taulman of Maramec was the woman in charge of getting things lined out for the rodeo – even going as far as pumping water out of the area at midnight to help prepare the grounds.  As always, Jim Lauerman (CHS principal and ace rodeo grounds keeper) lent a hand to ensure things were in tip-top shape for the contestants as well as their horses.

“It’s not uncommon for a barrel horse to be worth $30,000,” Lorena Bryant said.  Lorena is known for her own barrel racing expertise – competing each year at the Cushing Community PRCA Rodeo. 

Kids came from all over the state to compete in the Oklahoma State High School Rodeo.  They began arriving Friday evening and some camped out – making it a fun weekend event.  Participants spend many weekends through out the year together and develop a genuine camaraderie.

Not only does a special thanks go to Jim Lauerman for all his hard work and dedication to students, but to Steve Spears and the team of city employees who made a point to have the grounds mowed and looking good for its guests.

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