The Cushing Geographic Club generously donated $2500 toward the 2009 Charity Golf Event.  With their donation, it qualified them to be listed as a Double-Diamond Sponsor for the event.  The philanthropic organization is an organization of business women in the community that strive to provide funds to organizations that are working for the betterment of the Cushing Community.  

Only 40 ladies are eligible to belong to the local Geographic Group.   The Geographic Club is a working organization, and it is necessary for their members to be involved in all their activities. Ruth Ann Johnson serves as President, Ann Berry is Vice President, Vicki Holderread is Secretary, and Sharon Kerr is Treasure. 

Donating to the Charity Golf Event is one of the many projects that they have donated.  In 2009, they have given funds to the City of Cushing for the Skate Board Park and for coverings for the games at the Youth Sports Complex.  One of their greatest and most well known projects is the providing of funds for the Amphi-theatre in the City Park.

Each spring they sponsor the Senior Girl’s Tea.  The Tea was established in 1931 to honor all Cushing senior girls.  During the Tea, one senior girl is selected for her scholastic abilities.  She is given a $250 scholarship to the school of her choice and an engraved silver bowl. 

The primary fund raiser for the organization is the “Run for the Mums” race that is held in the fall in conjunction with the Festival in the Park.