(Cushing) – Although the storm isn’t over,  Cushing Emergency Management Director Bob Noltsenmayer says that storm related problems have been minimal.  But he emphasized that the storm isn’t over,  and problems could still develop,  and that Cushing’s emergency responders are staying on top of the situation.  Noltsenmayer says there was a brief outage this morning at the Linwood Village Nursing home,  but the power was restored quickly. 

The same hasn’t been true for area customers of O.G. & E.  which suffered an overnight outage.  About 230 customers were without power for about 11 hours until power was restored for most this morning. According to O.G.& E’s website, all of the outages affecting 50 or more customers in this area have been restored,   85 customers in the Bristow area are without power, as are thousands around the Oklahoma City Metro.

In a news release, CREC says problems for it’s members have also been minimal:

Central Rural Electric Cooperative prepared for the equivalent of the December 2007 ice storm, however, its system received minimal damage overnight.

CREC brought in additional materials, contacted Arkansas Electric Cooperative Inc. for standby crews and increased communication avenues with members to keep them informed about outages.

Fewer than 100 members experienced power outages throughout the night. The outages were scattered throughout the southern part of CREC’s service area mostly in Oklahoma, Lincoln and Logan Counties.

CREC is continuing to monitor the weather conditions and have crews ready to respond. Visit www.crec.coop to stay updated throughout this winter storm.