Cimarron Correctional Facility Employment Engagement Committee is giving back to the community by donating school supplies to all the local elementary schools – including the pre-school program at Wilson.

Committee members purchased supplies such as crayons, glue, paper, pencils and etc. for the school year. The supplies will be divided and passed out to each of the schools by the committee members.

Those participating are: Chief of Unit Management Harvey Fields, Assistant Warden John Middleton, Warden Danny Horton, Michelle Easterwood, Sue Cooper, Jessica Porter, Nikki Young, Linda Jester, Ruth Baker, John Konrad, Julie Boyles, Assistant Warden John Welch, Roger Barnard, Tamara Davidson, Dana Dawes, Chris Geer, Kimberley James, Shannon Jones, Paula Knox, Kris Langston, Linda Lucas, Robert McLaughlin, Kirsten Mickelson, Tonya Piatt, Chris Peugh, Jan Reeder, Coda Scott.

*Good Work!