By Molly Payne

(Cushing, Okla) — For over 30 years the Cushing Community Thanksgiving Dinner has served as an outreach to those who cannot afford to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, to the lonely who have no one to share the day with, and to those who want to fellowship with others in the community by sharing their time and food preparation.  It was a painful decision for its organizer Dr. Gary Detrich, but the annual dinner has been canceled.

In a letter notifying KUSH of this tough decision, Detrich expressed his concern and feeling of uncertainty of hosting a community-wide dinner:

“Pandemic, confusion, conflict – this is the atmosphere of society as I see it today.  How do we make the right decision as there are many valid opinions and options?  No one knows in advance what the outcome of those decisions will produce.  Because of the uncertainty and the severity of our present situation, I have regrettably decided to cancel the Cushing Community Thanksgiving Dinner, as the majority of our workers and guests are in the most vulnerable age group.  Hopefully next Thanksgiving we will find ourselves in a less vulnerable situation.  I know one of our long time sponsors, The Steer Inn Family Restaurant, prepares Thanksgiving meals for pickup.  They can be reached at 918-225-3501.”