Cushing City Commissioners have called for a February 10th election for voters to decide City Commission races, and consider continuing an 8/10ths of 1 cent sales tax for infrastructure improvements. Voters will also be asked to consider a 4 percent hotel/motel tax.

The two seats up for election on the city commission are currently held by Evert Rossiter and Joe Manning.

Four years ago, voters approved a one per cent sales tax hike to fund improvements at Cushing Public Library, and fund the construction of the new sports complex. Two per cent of the tax is permanent to fund ongoing maintenence of the Library, 8 tenths of the tax expires June 30th. Commissioners are asking voters to approve renewing that 8 tenths of one per cent tax for infrastructure improvements to the city’s sewer system, and to fund infrastructure improvements for the police and fire departments.

Commissioners would also like voters to approve a 4 percent hotel/motel tax.

One item on the agenda was made moot with the election earlier this week, the agenda listed a resolution for an election for voters to decide whether to purchase a new 140 thousand dollar ambulance, on Tuesday, voters approved a change to the city charter that raised the spending limit of the city commission to 165 thousand dollars without a vote of the people.