(New Orleans, La.)– Several Cushing area MMA fighters fought last week in competition in New Oleans,Louisiana.

MMA stand for Mixed Martial Arts, and combines elements of boxing, martial arts and wrestling to create a fast paced style of fighting that is on track to surpass boxing as America’s fighting sport.

All of the Cushing area fighters train at the Deer Tribe Fight Club, and several have gone pro, including Ben Dooley of Yale. Dooley defeated Beau the Magnus Admire 4.10 1st Round by TKO to win the Light Heavyweight title.

Hank Dooley was defeated in the second round by TKO in his bid for the heavyweight title.

Cody Watkins, who lives in Henryetta but trains at the Deer Tribe Fight Club in Cushing was defeated in an amateur bout by Paul Thomasie.