In conjunction with the Stillwater OESC, Donaldson-Walker Post #108, the Forgotten Warriors  program seeks address the numerous ills associated with the isolation and loneliness, aging, disabled and illness that veterans often experience.  The Forgotten Warriors Program does this through consistent visits to the home or assisted living facilities where the veteran resides.  Members of the local Post #108 gathered December 16 to recognize and honor local veterans and their widows in both of Cushing’s local nursing homes, Resthaven and Linwood Village, for the annual Forgotten Warriors Gift Giving Program. Other participants included spouses, dependents and residents of the Linwood Village and Rest Haven.

In anticipation of Christmas season, members of the Donaldson-Walker Post #108 visited and gave gifts donated from post members with well wishes and the with warmest season greetings.   Many of these veterans deal with numerous ills associated with isolation and loneliness.  Many veterans do not have living relatives and those that do are often geographically unable to visit.  Other veterans are disabled and ill. 

Jim Hunter (Donaldson-Walker Cushing American Legion Post Commander),  stated “the holiday season is a time we spend with family and give thanks for the blessings we have experienced.

 The members of Donaldson-Walker also like to recall the many Christmases veterans have sacrificed to secure our freedoms and we serve the community with this truth in our minds.”