The Cushing Regional Hospital Foundation Board holds their monthly meeting at Cushing Regional Hospital where it is customary for them to finish up with a meal in the cafeteria.  Recently, board members noted that the cafeteria chairs were looking shabby – many having tears and holes in the upholstery. 

Recognizing that the worn chairs do not meet the high standard that is exemplified throughout the hospital, Foundation president Lee Roy Kalka suggested to the Board that the Foundation look into replacing the chairs.  In addition to replacing the worn chairs, it was suggested they also purchase two high chairs for infants and children.

The CRH Foundation voted unanimously to purchase 97 chairs and two high chairs for the cafeteria.

Brian Wright, CRH Chef, expressed his appreciation of the gift. “They certainly improve the atmosphere in the cafeteria,” he said.

The CRH Foundation works to assist in providing needed items to support the endeavors of Cushing Regional Hospital.