As history repeats itself, the Cushing Regional Hospital Auxiliary continues to donate to the Charity Golf Event.  The event is scheduled this Saturday morning, with a tee time of 8 a.m., at the Cushing Country Club.

In 2008, following the large donations that the Auxiliary gave to the Hospital, the CRH Auxiliary was a little hesitant to make an additional large donation toward the Paramedic Scholarships.  When presented with the issue at a CRH Auxiliary Board meeting, they thought that they would like to be Silver Sponsors and donate $300.  “Of course, we were pleased with their donation for they give so much over the year,” said Marian Gilkerson. 

Following their meeting and the regular Auxiliary meeting, the group started discussing how the paramedic trained fire fighters would have an affect on their lives.  Being older, they thought that they were the most at risk and would need a paramedic to help them.  They increased their donation to $10,000 following the 2008 Charity Golf Event. 

The Charity Golf committee made the decision to honor the CRH Auxiliary with a Double-Diamond Sponsorship due to their large donation in 2008.  In 2009, the CRH Auxiliary continued to provide funds for the Paramedic Scholarships.  They donated $1000 toward the activity. 

“We take great pride in providing funds that will improve our medical Community,” said Loreen Clyde, President.

The CRH Auxiliary has over 100 members on the rolls, and they are always in need of additional help that are able to work in the CRH Snack Bar, the CRH Information Desk, and to install and maintain the LifeLine Units for the Cimarron Valley Region.   For more information about joining, call Loreen Clyde @ 225-6508, or pick up information at the CRH Information Desk.