You may have heard Mrs. Anita Houston on the Donna & Molly Show earlier this month. There was a lot of laughing and cutting up going on with those girls and Anita Houston held her own. She is so supportive of KUSH Radio and excited about her business, Cowboy RV. Yes, I do mean “her” business, (her husband has his own business as a paving contractor). “Woman Power,” is all over her. She is ambitious, smart and has all the excitement and positive energy to make her business, Cowboy RV very successful

.Cowboy RV is located at 7800 S. Perkins Road, South of Stillwater Anita shared with us her story that began in 2004, on a small lot with  5 little campers and $150,000 to begin her business. She said, by most standards, this was not considered an impressive amount of money and she needed the backing of a larger dealership. The phone call that she made to a man she considered to be the mega of all RV dealers was the catalyst to her chance at fulfilling her dream. When she travels to RV Shows, which is predominately male, she is sometimes overlooked – although not for long. Her husband will make it clear; “You need to talk to the Boss.” Anita Houston is an inspiration of courage and tenacity to women. From our first meeting, I noted how humble, professionally poised and direct she was, and all with a great sense of humor. She fit right in with Donna & Molly, as I knew she would. .

She has been great friends with Molly’s brother Ab (Whitlow) for some time and speaks of him with admiration.

We were able to find out quite a few details about the RVs Anita has available.  Cowboy RV has brand new, top of the line Excel RVs for those who are serious about living quarters and all the luxurious amenities.  You can go to her web site at and I assure you, you will be impressed.  In fact, you will want one!

Washer/dryer hook-ups, separated bedrooms, you name it – LUXURY deluxe!  You’ve gotta see these babies, they even make the furniture and I swear I think I saw a fireplace in one of them! 

Anita invites you to her lot and promises you will arrive a stranger and leave a camping buddy!  She also told us that Cowboy RV has new and used travel trailers and fifth wheelers moderately priced and affordable for those occasional getaway.  She invites you to bring your old RV to her lot for a great trade in.

 Cowboy RV’s, Anita Houston is excited to announce they will be moving soon – just up the road north a little ways, to a 10 acre lot, with a three-bay full service center, larger offices and a large parts department.

With the economy the way it is now, it only makes sense to do your vacation, RV style. More importantly, if you are looking to buy any type of travel trailer or fifth wheel, Anita Houston is the kind of person you will definitely want to do business with once you meet her. Not only does she have a fantastic line of RV’s, she has lovely way about her and you just know, she will make you happy – one-way or the other – with your purchase.

Anita Houston will be back on the radio with the girls and me. We have taken a likin’ to her, and there are always new products coming out in the RV Industry.