Payne County Commissioners will consider Rural Economic Action Plan Grants during their meeting on Monday morning, along with two bid evaluations.

Also on the agenda, architectural services for a new arena at the Payne County Expo Center. The complete agenda is posted below.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Suite 200/201, County Administration Building

315 W. 6th Avenue

County Commissioners Meeting Room

Regular Meeting – 9:00 A.M.


1. Meeting called to order by CHAIRMAN – Gloria Hesser

2. Invocation and Flag Salute

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Miscellaneous items from the Audience (no action will be taken)

5. Discussion/Possible Action on Public Appearances/Petitions

A. Telephone and utility permits

6. Discussion/Possible Action on Bid Openings –

7. Discussion/Possible Action on Evaluations –

A. Evaluate Bid #2008-08 Asphalt Overlay of 32nd (from Country Club going west ½ mile)

B. Evaluate Bid #2008-09 2008 or newer ¾ ton truck for Dist. #1

8. Discussion/Possible Action on Reports from Officers and Boards

A. REAP Grant Application from Cottonwood

B. REAP Grant Application from Ingalls

C. REAP Grant Application from High Prairie

D. REAP Grant Application from Diamond Valley

E. REAP Grant Application from Elm Grove

F. REAP Grant Application from Progress School

G. Unifirst Contracts

H. Letter from Stillwater Domestic Violence asking permission to use Courthouse Facilities

I. Revised agreement for architect’s services with Payne County Fair Board for construction of new covered arena at Payne County Expo Center.

J. Transportation Letter to Pawnee Nation

K. Corrected Resolution #2008-24

L. Request for Traffic Control Signs

M. Ingress and Egress Agreements

N. Removal of Equipment items from Inventory

O. Appointment of Requisitioning and Receiving Officers

P. Cash Appropriations

Q. Transfer of Appropriations

R. Purchase Orders: Blanket/Tabled/Disallowed

S. Monthly Reports

9. Public Announcements from the Board (No Action will be taken)

10. Discussion and Possible Action on Minutes

11. New Business

12. Discussion and Possible Action on Purchase Orders

13. Adjournment