Cushing Board of Commissioners held a special meeting Thursday to discuss and approve two agenda items.  Vice-chairman Joe Manning led the meeting as John Henckel was unable to attend.  Commissioners Evert Rossiter, Tommy Johnson and Jim Hogrefe attended as well as General Manager Steve Spears, City Attorney Stuart Arthurs, Cushing Economic and Development director Bob Felts and City Clerk Cindy Manning.

First on the agenda was to approve or disapprove payment to Safari Aquatics, LLC in the sum of $15,294.00 for the purchase and installation of material at the Cushing Aquatic Center.

A new federal law requires special protective grates to be installed on drains.  According to General Manager Steve Spears, Cushing’s pool is a bit out of the ordinary in that it has a total of four drains instead of the typical two.

“We have five drains including the kiddie pool,” Spears said.  “Two main drains and two slide drains.”

Spears said the designer of the Aquatic Center pools looked them over – free gratis – and instructed them on what needed to be done in order to be in accordance with the new law.  Safari Aquatics came in not only with the lowest bid, but also the certification required on the parts and installation.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the payment to Safari.  Spears said the installation should be finished within a week or so, in plenty of time for the pool opening.

The second item on the agenda took a little more time and consideration. 

Commissioners discussed and ultimately took action on a proposal to be made by Spears on behalf of Cushing Municipal Authority to provide power for the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP Project.

“This is a big deal,” Manning said. 

The proposal, if accepted by Trans Canada, would be a cooperative effort with GRDA/KAMO  to construct a new sub-station to provide the power needed for transmission of pipeline products by Trans Canada.  It could also mean a significant increase in revenue to the City of Cushing.  However, like most things of significant importance, the Devil is in the details.

Spears began by explaining the proposal and its possible ramifications – good and bad.  After much deliberation, commissioners voted unanimously to authorize Spears to submit the proposal to TransCanada. 

“It’s kinda like playing the lottery,” Rossiter said.  “You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.”