Cushing’s electric department was the apparent headliner during Monday night’s meeting of the Cushing Board of Commissioners and the Cushing Municipal Authority board meeting.

City Manager Steve Spears reported that the electric department has been teaming with GRDA to conduct major pole maintenance of static lines that loop the substations.  Spears called on Mike Harris, department head, to give more specifics of the project.

Harris not only brought in a top portion of a pole as a visual, but also an example of the caps being placed to help protect further damage.  According to Harris, the caps and rods being installed on the poles will cut down on weather rot and kill bugs that sometimes eat away at the wood.  He went on to say that once the old wood has been removed and the caps and rods are in place, the life of the pole could be extended another 30 years.  The cost-saving caps will be placed on any newly erected poles to prolong the life of those as well.

“We are lucky to have been able to team with GRDA on this project,” Spears said.  “This is necessary maintenance. These are our only transmission lines.”

During the Cushing Municipal Authority board meeting, members approved unanimously to authorize the issuance of a purchase order to buy a new 1 ton truck chassis and utility body to be used by the electric department.  The proposal was tabled last meeting so Harris could look into a less expensive package.  The proposed estimated cost of the chassis, $23,750, came in approximately $2,000 less than last month’s estimate.  The low bid for the utility body came in from Caseco in the sum of $13,646 and was also approved by the commission. 

Harris said the truck being replaced is 1993 Dodge and “has been a headache for the past couple of years.”

Another agenda item approved by commissioners was resolution no. 05-2010 which authorizes the City Manage to advertise and sell lots 27 – 38, Block 5, Park Place Addition.  The property, which at one time housed a youth center, has become a liability, therefore commissioners declared it as surplus.

Dropped from the agenda was the discussion and action on a request from the Cushing Chamber of Commerce for the use of a certain property for BBQ & Blues.  The Chamber had removed the request.

Trustees of the Cushing Hospital Authority and Cushing Industrial Authority voted to amend the schedule of their regular meetings to meet quarterly rather than monthly.

After finishing up with CHA, CIA and CMA business, commissioners went into executive session to discuss the purchase and appraisal of real property and a claim of Union Pacific Railroad Co. relating to Double Eagle Refinery Site.

No results are known from that meeting.