After tabling discussion and action last week on a recommendation from the airport advisory board, commissioners voted unanimously Monday evening to allow Wild Hogg Entertainment to hold a car and cycle show at the airport.

Cushing Board of Commissioners held a special meeting Monday not only to vote yay or nay on a consent docket, but to discuss whether or not to allow Wild Hogg Entertainment to hold a car and cycle show at the airport.

Representatives from Wild Hogg Entertainment made their presentation to the commission at last week’s regular meeting only to have it tabled until Mayor John Henckel could be present to take part in the discussion and vote.

“I’d just feel better about taking a vote when John could be present,” Commissioner Evert Rossiter said last week. “He is the Mayor.”

Commissioners quizzed Mr. Tucker of Wild Hogg Entertainment about what kind of event they were wanting to have.

“It will be a family event,” Tucker assured the panel. Inflatables, face painting, food and music were just a few of things besides cycles and cars that were mentioned by Tucker.

Cushing Airport director Jim Clements also fielded questions from commissioners.

“You have discussed that there can be no alcohol on city property?” Henckel asked.

“Yes,” replied Clements, “we discussed that and they understand.”

“We want this to be good family fun,” said Tucker.

After looking over the Wild Hogg proposal, and some discussion of how to implement some sort of compensation for city services, the commission voted unanimously to allow Wild Hogg to hold the event.

“This could be a great thing for the community,” said Henckel.

The cycle and car show is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 18.

Other items on the agenda included the approval of the consent docket and a resolution amending the employee retirement system.