Cushing Board of Commissioners voted unanimously at Monday’s regular meeting to accept an agreement with AT&T to allow a new cell tower to be erected in Memorial Park.

AT&T representative Curtis Branch and city officials have been negotiating the deal for several months now. The new cell tower will bring not only better service for its customers but city revenue of at least $700 per month once the construction begins.

“This is exciting,” Branch told the commissioners, “once this has been approved and the regulation issues have been approved by the FAA, FCC and other regulatory officials, we would like to start building this as soon as possible.”

Part of the agreement also included a donation of $10,000 toward a local skateboard park.

“I know that this is going to make a lot of skateboarders happy,” Mayor John Henckel said. “For that matter, a lot of downtowners will be happy as well. It’s just going to make a lot of people happy.”

Commissioner Evert Rossiter added, that although he was not originally in favor of the location of the tower, after speaking with fellow commissioners and manager Steve Spears, he conceded it was the right thing to do. “I appreciate you negotiating this,” Rossiter said to Branch, “we also appreciate the $10,000 for the skateboard park – that will help.”

According to Branch, the new tower should improve high speed internet service as well as gps.