Cushing Board of Commissioners met Monday and approved the budget for 2009 -2010.  The proposed budget comes in approximately $350,000 over last year’s amended budget – although the comparison is a bit like apples to oranges.

‘It’s hard to compare year to year budgets,” interim City Manager Steve Spears said.  “Different years have different projects.”

Spears continued by saying, “the City is in good financial condition.  We generally budget for all contingencies, so typically we come in near or below the proposed budget.”

Other items approved at Monday’s meeting included the authorization of a purchase order to Interworks, Inc. in the sum of $7,760.98 for two Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PCs for the Cushing Fire Department.

“This will allow us to input patient information into the computer while at the scene,” Fire Chief Brent Kerr told commissioners.  “It will create more consistency.  It will also allow us to keep better data while cutting down on the time of the process.”

Mayor Henckel pointed out that the reason the PCs will be purchased from the Stillwater company –  as opposed to Beasley’s Tech in Cushing – was a matter of law.

“We must go with the low bid,” he said.  “It’s the law.”

There was less than $50 difference in the two bids.

Commissioners also approved a resolution authorizing the issuance of a purchase order to Maverick Target Systems in the sum of $15,000 for a Custom Ten Point Turning Target System complete with delivery and installation for the Cushing Police Department.

“This is good,” said Henckel.  “It will give the police a pistol range to do their training.  I want to make it clear, however, this is strictly for our police department – or maybe other police departments.”

Spears concurred, adding that the range will be set up for a particular type of ammunition that is environmentally “friendly.”

A contract with Kerns Construction for street improvements was also approved.  Again, Henckel interjected the reason a Stillwater company was chosen, “Our local company, JLT, did not choose to bid on this,” he explained.  “Quite honestly, they said they have more than enough work with the contract for the work at the airport.”

Spears said the improvements will begin the first of July and will include work at the sports complex.

“If you haven’t been out to the sports complex, you really need to.  We have a world class facility,” Henckel said – the others nodding in agreement.  Lights are also in the facility’s future as well as concrete walkways and bleacher covers – both of which  are being donated by local individuals and businesses.

“We would like to thank Glen McCauley for the dozer work,” said Commissioner Tommy Johnson.

Several other resolutions were approved including the setting forth the intent of the City of Cushing to continue to improve the Cushing City Lake as a part of the water supply for the city of Cushing and directing the city Manager to continue with plans for major improvments to the Cushing City Lake to include deepening of the lake, strengthening the dam, reconstruction of the spillway and construction of a new pump station as part of the City’s present and long term plan for water supply for the city of Cushing.

“These things are not going to happen overnight,” said Henckel.

“But it’s a step in the right direction,” Commissioner Evert Rossiter chimed.

The Cushing Board of Commissioners meets the third Monday of each month and encourage citizens of the community to attend.