(Cushing, Okla.)  Cake and punch, along with plenty of accolades from the people he has served, were on the agenda Tuesday evening as Commissioner Tommy Johnson was honored at a reception held at City Hall. Johnson has served on the Cushing Board of Commissioners since 2007.

Following the reception, Johnson was also recognized at the regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners and presented a plaque for his service.

Chairman of the Board, Terry Brannon had this to say about Johnson. “This gentleman right here treats people with respect and dignity that this office calls for, as a human being and an elected servant.”
Brannon went on to compare Johnson to salt and light. “Salt preserves things, salt seasons things and salt makes a lot of things better. And if you stop and think about the impact of salt when it comes to the scriptures, I can think about Tommy Johnson and his walk. When you talk about light…light…it’s not its job to wait to put out brightness, it naturally does that. He’s light.”

Brannon thanked Johnson as he presented him the plaque. He also expressed his appreciation for Johnson being a “strong advocate for the [city] employees and for those who might not be as well off as other people.”

Johnson thanked his fellow commissioners, Cushing employees and the people of the community. “I’ve enjoyed this nine years. I hope I’ve done some good somewhere.”

Johnson elected not to run for a fourth term. His replacement, Chad Short, will take office in May. Short ran for the seat unopposed.