Payne County Commissioner Bill Deering was the first to report at Friday’s Chamber of Commerce Legislative luncheon. Deering was happy to say the Council Creek bridge project is nearing completion – or one might say it’s finally “moved along.”

Recycling a bridge has proven to be more complicated perhaps than originally thought, but nonetheless satisfying. According to Deering the bridge has finally been moved to its location over Council Creek on Highway 51, but that it will “take a while” to build the approaches to the bridge.

“We finally got it moved,” Deering said. “We were having trouble because the guy I contracted to move the bridge was working for OSU. They were keeping him so busy moving those houses, he couldn’t work for me.”

Finally, after Deering had a conversation with Dr. Joe Alexander, President of the OSU Center for Innovation & Economics Development, arrangements were made and the bridge was moved.

“When I explained to Dr. Alexander the problem I had, he told me he might be able to help,” Deering said, “and evidently he did, because I heard from the moving guy soon after.”

“Are they going to have a dedication after the works completed?” asked Cushing city commissioner Evert Rossiter. “They ought to put your name on it.”

“I don’t think they ought to put my name on it,” Deering laughed. “That might draw a lot of rifle fire.”

Deering commended the citizens living around the bridge for their patience. “They’ve been very good about it,” Deering said.

Senator Jim Halligan and Representative Lee Denney made a point of commenting on Deering’s project.

“I’m delighted you saved that bridge,” Halligan said.

“And so am I,” agreed Denney.