(Cushing, Okla.)   Commissioners voted “grow” on an ordinance rezoning a certain property from A-1 (Agricultural) to C-4 (Automotive & Commercial) within the city of Cushing.

“This is a part of a vision to see Cushing grow,” said Chairman Rossiter.  Commissioner Jim Hogrefe echoed the sentiment saying, “We need to encourage businesses.”  Commissioner Carey Seigle agreed as long as the business is code compliant.  Commissioner Tommy Johnson cast the lone “nay” vote saying he didn’t approve of the change because of the number of residences in the area.

The rezoning will allow the construction of “Fumes Performance,” an automotive repair business at 2228 N. Little.

Commissioners also approved to execute an easement in favor of AT&T to place one fiber optic cable in Memorial Park.  The new cable will bring the long-awaited 3G to Cushing.

City Manager Steve Spears reported he and other staff have been talking to hotel prospects, but did not expound upon the subject.  He also said he had met with representatives of Suddenlink about the recent problems and said they have fixed the main problem and are committed to fixing the rest of them.  Seigle said he’d been polling individuals and that the consensus is that things have improved and some have even received compensation.  Spears said Suddenlink has not and most likely will not give compensation to each and every customer.  However, they are open to the idea of donating to a community project.

Chairman Rossiter asked Cushing Police Chief Terry Brannon and Cushing Fire Chief Brent Kerr to address the council and citizens about the Cushing Community Methamphetamine Forum to be held Tuesday, Feb. 22nd at 6:30 p.m. in the Cushing Youth and Community Center.  Both Brannon and Kerr urged young and old to come and learn more about meth – including what to look for regarding its use or manufacturing.  OSBI will also make part of the presentation and representatives from Valley Hope will be sharing information as well.

“We hope everyone will come out for this important forum,” Brannon said.

“You are our eyes and ears,” Kerr said.