The City of Cushing is “operating efficiently” said Chuck Crooks, representative from CBEW Group.  CBEW recently performed the annual audit for the City of Cushing – including the Cushing Municipal Authority, Cushing Hospital Authority and the Cushing Industrial Authority.  “The City is very financially sound,” Crooks said.  Cushing Board of Commissioners heard the good news Monday evening at their regular monthly meeting.

“Good job everybody,” said Mayor John Henckel. 

Items on the agenda involved the discussion and possible approval of equipment for the Cushing Fire Department and the purchase of circuit closer/breakers for the electric distribution department.

First up, Resolution no. 65-2009 received unanimous approval authorizing interim City Manager Steve Spears to issue a purchase order to Allmed in the sum of $7,246.75 for the purchase of three heart monitors for Cushing ambulances.  According to Cushing Fire Chief Brent Kerr, the monitors will allow emergency personnel to send potentially life saving information to the hospital while the patient is still enroute.

“We will be able to send the patient’s heart rhythm to the hospital,” Kerr said.  The new equipment is part of the ambulance upgrade as Cushing EMTs complete paramedic training.  “The state has changed protocol,” Kerr continued, “Intermediates can use it now – they just can’t read it.”   Kerr also told the Commission that the defibrillators currently being used by the department will go to the Cushing Senior Citizen Center, Cushing Youth Center and City Hall once the new equipment arrives.  “We will get with them for training on the defibrillators,” Kerr said.

Also on the purchase list – new circuit closers and breakers for the electric distribution department..  “A raccoon caused about $17,000 worth of damage,” Henckel said.   Due to the age of the current breakers (31 years plus) and the unavailability of parts, instead of replacing only what was damaged by the raccoon, commissioners voted unanimously to approve resolution no. 32-2009 which authorizes Spears to issue a purchase order to J. H. Davidson & Associates, Inc. in the sum of $140,400 for eight (8) circuit closer/breakers.

Other items of interest:

*An election will be held April 6, 2010 to elect one candidate to the office of Commission Office No. 3 (currently held by John Henckel) and one candidate to the office of Commission Office No. 4 (currently held by Tommy Johnson).  A primary election will be held on March 2, 2010 if there are more than two candidates for either or both offices.

*Commissioners voted to renew the contract agreement with Jim Clements for management services at Cushing Regional Airport.

*Fraternal Order of Police union representatives thanked the City of Cushing for the new police cars and the firearms training facility.

*Jim Clements invited the Commission to an Open House for the new terminal/business center at Cushing Regional Airport, Dec. 2nd.

*Steve Spears reported the skate park should be ready for skating in the spring.

*City employees are collecting food items for the Cushing Food Bank.

*Mayor Henckel thanked Continental Concrete and City crews for their dedication in pouring the cement for the skate park.

*Mayor Henckel also reported that Braums is expanding their parking to accommodate trucks and motor homes.

*Jim Hogrefe suggested Library Board members rethink the currently policy regarding computer use.

*Mayor Henckel also encouraged everyone “to make the Roots feel welcome.”  Roots Hometown Furniture  and Appliances will open its door Dec. 1st in the old Walls location. 

*City workers are putting up Christmas decorations.

*Mayor Henckel urged everyone to “Thank a Veteran.”

The Cushing Board of Commissioners meets the third Monday of each month in City Hall.