News release

(Cushing, Okla) — There has been some concern regarding our nutritional meal site at the Cushing Senior Citizens Center that is operated by Project Heart.

What is the City doing to help relieve growing concerns to help seniors who may depend on the daily hot meals?

The City began working with Project Heart well before today in hopes our operations would not be adversely affected, meaning a complete closure of our senior center. Our concern focused on two groups of seniors, those who are served onsite and those who are homebound. Working in concert with Project Heart, we were able to develop a plan that would ensure continued hot meal service to all those served no matter their location.

With the news today that a confirmed case of COVID-19 was found in Payne County, we reevaluated our service delivery and the vulnerability of those being served. We made the collective decision to cease daily operations, but not hot meal preperation. While we will not be serving a hot meal tomorrow, we have a plan in place to resume hot meal service on Tuesday to include homebound residents. Senior center staff began the process of reaching out to those affected today using our internal roster system so they would know how we were handling this situation and our hot meal service. To help implement our plan, we are also reassigning additional City staff to the senior center to help ensure our service delivery is seamless.

While we have removed the social aspect of the senior center being open, we believe our bias towards the welfare of those being served outweighs the need to have the senior center open, which increases their exposure and risk to illness.