The following individuals have filed their declaration of candidacy for municipal office as of close Monday February 2nd. The filing period will end on Wednesday February 4th at 5:00 p.m.

The City of Stillwater-

Councilor No. 5, Mayor, for a term of three (3) years.

Roger L. McMillian

The City of Cushing- Declarations will be filed with the Cushing City Clerk

Commission Office No.1 3 year term.

Evert Rossiter

Trace M. Rowe

Commission Office No.2 3 year term.

Joe R. Manning, Jr.

City of Perkins- General Election only if needed-

Commission Office No. 1, Ward 1- For a three (3)year term.

Commission Office No. 3, Ward 3- For a three (3)year term

The City of Yale-

Commission Office No. 3. For a three (3)year term.

Maurice Lozier

Commission Office No. 4. For a three (3)year term

Jim Crenshaw

Town of Glencoe-

2- Board of Trustee’s positions- For a four (4) year term of office each

1- Town Treasurer- For a two (4) year term of office.

Town of Ripley-

(2) Board of Trustee’s positions- For a four (4) year term of office each

Delpha Whitefield

Board of Trustee’s position- For a two (2) year un-expired term of office

Kay Exton

1- Town Treasurer- For a four (4) year term of office.

Vickie K. Hughes

Primary elections if needed for these offices will be held on March 3rd 2009, and any General elections according to charter or ordinance will be held on April 7th, 2009. Questions in regards to filing for these offices should be directed to the Payne County Election Board at 405-747-8350.