(Cushing, Okla.)  On 4-4-2017, just prior to 5:00 a.m., Sgt. Jack Ford and Ofc. Brad Kastl were dispatched to 805 East Scissortail Lane in, reference to a burglary in progress.

Upon Ofc. Kastl’s arrival, he contacted the reporting party, who advised that the suspects were currently on the south side of the residence. Ofc. Kastl then observed a tall male subject wearing dark colored clothing standing next to a vehicle in the back yard. Ofc. Kastl then ordered the male subject towards his location, while covering him with his patrol rifle. The male subject, who was later identified as Cushing Resident Christopher P. Hickman, W/M, 27, complied with orders given.

During this time, Sgt. Ford had arrived on scene and confronted a female subject, who was also standing next to the vehicle. Sgt. Ford ordered the female, who was later identified as Cushing resident Allison P. Hudgins, W/F, 23, to move to his location. Sgt. Ford covered Hudgins with is service weapon, as she complied with his order. Hudgins told Sgt. Ford that she was the granddaughter of the homeowner and she was there checking on him.

As Hudgins was being moved to the front of the residence, Sgt. Ford observed the rear door of the residence to be standing open. It was later determined that the door had been physically pried open.

Once at the front of the residence both Hickman and Hudgins were read their rights per Miranda, and waived their rights, agreeing to speak with Officers. During the interview with Hudgins, she stated that she knew her grandfather was not home and decided to break in and see if there was anything of value inside the house.

Hudgins also stated that she pulled the car in the back yard, in attempts to hide it, while they broke into the residence. Hudgins admitted that Hickman used a screwdriver to pry open the door and once inside, they split up and searched the house. While in the house, they took items from the house and placed them in the vehicle, which were later recovered by Sgt. Ford and Ofc. Kastl.



Both Hudgins and Hickman were subsequently placed under arrest on a complaint of 2nd Degree Burglary. During the custodial search of both Hudgins and Hickman’s person, items were seized that belonged to the homeowner.

Both Hudgins and Hickman were booked into the Cushing Jail and were later transported to the Payne County Jail, where they will be arraigned later this afternoon.