Ashlea Smith and Shelby Hale, seniors at Cushing High School, visited the Donna and Molly Show on Friday, Sept. 18th.  Shelby is the drum major in the band and student council president and Ashlea is the daughter of Alan Smith and is heading up FFA this year.

This week’s news:

Home varsity game Friday at 7:30 p.m. against Perkins-Tryon with the CHS cheerleaders performing at half time.  The CHS cheerleaders were traveling to Bixby on Saturday, Sept. 19th for Cheer Regionals.

The CHS website now has a spot especially for seniors.  Ashlea and Shelby said seniors AND their parents can stay informed about events special to seniors, dates, etc. by clicking on their page.

Business People of America are selling those “mega muffins” for just $1 – before school and during lunch.  The KUSH Girls urged Ashlea and Shelby to try them and report back.

CHS annual ad deadlines – senior and businesses – Sept. 18th.

REMINDER TO ALL:  All Cushing Public School campuses are TOBACCO FREE.  No smoking, dipping, pipe puffing, etc. allowed at any time.

Shelby talked about the LOL board – a fundraiser for the student council.  Shelby said for just $2 you can submit a photo to Mrs. MJ to be placed on the board – it takes $5 to have the photo taken down.  The KUSH Girls whispered ideas to the CHS girls about capturing a special someone to put on the board.

There was also a reminder of the upcoming N.A.S.A meeting (who knew NASA met at CHS?).  N.A.S.A (Native American Student Association) will meet Thursday, Sept. 24th at noon.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to attend – NASA is open to ALL students.

Kudos to the Athletes of the Week – Brenna Winterbottom and Matt Cook!

The KUSH Girls were also delighted to be able to place and order with FFA president Ashlea Smith for some of that marvelous Blue and Gold sausage and bacon.  Not only did she take our order – she delivered it before we left the station!  Thanks, Ashlea!!

If you would like to order any of the Blue and Gold items, contact the Ag department.

Thanks again to the students at CHS and the staff for allowing the students to come on the Donna and Molly Show.  It’s fun AND informative!

Be sure to tune in each Friday from 7:30 – 8:30 for “Tiger Time” on the Donna and Molly Show – where you can get the school scoop!