Finally, those amazing BPA’s. Their story. The fascinating and ambitious Business Professionals of Cushing High School were in the Business Spotlight.

The future looks very bright to me with kids such as these being at the helm of the City of Cushing business(es). Amanda Clouse, Weston Linder, Moriah Donaldson, and Mrs. Barton gave us an in-depth report of Cushing High School’s, Business Professionals of America activities. Unable to attend the radio show, was Mrs. Barton’s son Brian who is a BPA member as well.

All four who were on the show, were preparing for the Oklahoma State Leadership Conference. This year the competition was held in Tulsa. Amanda Clouse and Brian Barton are on the State Executive Council. In the competition that was held March 21st in Tulsa, Amanda Clouse and Brian Barton were Voting delegates. Weston Linder competed in Extemporaneous Speech. In this competition, you are given a topic and ten minutes to prepare a speech. Although Weston did not win the competition, we commend him on his hard work, ambition, preparation, and courage. Miss Moriah Donaldson competed in the competition for prepared speech. In her event, she had to write and memorize a speech that was 5-7 minutes long. All the kids were graded on tone, diction, word usage, movements, professionalism, and dress. Miss Donaldson was awarded fourth place in the competition.

Congratulations, Moriah!

About 5 minutes after sitting down with these three individuals, I was rendered speechless.All 3 BPAs are in Band and many more school activities. Their confidence, poise, and ambition was impressive. They had an enthusiasm about learning and clearly want to excel in everything they do – and to be honest, I had quite a time keeping up with these excited indivuals!

So they went to State, next will be the National Leadership Conference, and then I guess THE WORLD!!!~! The Nationals will be held in Dallas,Texas in approximately 17 days.

Get ready USA, here come the Cushing Tigers!

It reminds me of a movie I just watched -” The Debaters”… It was a true story about a small, but impressive, school that won a national contest against Harvard students.

You can look forward to hearing a whole lot more about the Cushing High School BPA’s, Spanish compititions, FFA, Band and many more activities. And here is yet another reason to visit our website – Moriah Donaldson will be submitting entries about CHS activies! Be sure to check out the school page to see what she’s reporting on.

Thank you, BPA’s and Mrs. Barton for being on the show. We look forward to having you again soon.