The Chandler Lions went down in defeat to the Kingfisher Yellow Jackets 32-6 Friday night in Kingfisher after a great performance from Kingfisher wide receiver Jeremy Smith who caught three 40 plus yards receptions one going for a touchdown.

The Lions did get a solid performance out of back up running back Jorge Mares who scored the Lions only touchdown of the night. Mares did an excellent job of stepping for the absent senior running back Chance Rich. The Lions senior linebacker and special teams specialist Tony Soto also was a standout forcing the Yellow Jackets to start their offense deep in their own territory numerous times after Soto had a successful night punting the ball.

Next week the Chandler Lions will be hosting the 4A Harrah Panthers who are coming off a 21-14 win against Piedmont Friday night. The Panthers are 2-0 this season behind wide receiver and defensive back Jack Queen.

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