The KUSH Girls will be talking to Mary Fallin live by telephone during their morning show on February 22, at approximately 7:40 am.  Highlights that we hope to cover are:

 A run down of her schedule in Tulsa on Monday and where she will be heading next on the campaign trail.

Federal funding for the roads and bridges will expire on February 28, 2010.  Will congress extend it?  Mary Fallin is on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee – she’ll give us a update on how everything will shake out concerning the conditions of our roads and bridges in Oklahoma.

The debate continues for health care and we will get Mary’s opinion of Obama’s healthcare plan.  Will it pass?  What, if, any reforms would Mary support, if she is elected as our governer?

 Be sure and tune in to KUSH 1600 AM Radio during the Donna and Molly Show this Monday!  If you have questions for Mary Fallin, please email us before Monday morning at:

[email protected]