Cushing – Friday morning, Cushing police responded to the 1400 blocks of E. Cherry and Broadway Streets, after several vehicles in both of those areas had been vandalized with various food products and window chalk. Very graphic drawings and wording was found on some of the vehicles.

At this time, there have been no suspects developed. Police encourage anyone with information to contact the police department at (918) 225-1212.
Chief Terry Brannon said, “Vandalism or Malicious Injury to someone else’s property whether it’s a mailbox, car, etc., is a crime that can have a significant financial impact on the victim. Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Thursday night, one of the residents in the affected area heard a suspicious noise about 3:30 a.m., but did not check it out or desire to call police. I want our citizens to understand police are here to help prevent crime, but we need your help.”
In an effort to encourage our citizens, Chief Brannon has offered the following crime prevention tips:
1.    Please call the police immediately when you think you see suspicious activity or persons. Many people do not call because they worry about “bothering” the police. It is our job to investigate suspicious people and activities. Some people worry that they will be embarrassed if they are wrong about their suspicions. You should instead be thinking about what if you are right about your suspicions and you do not call. Others assume that someone else has already called the police.
2.    Not every stranger is a criminal and some suspicious circumstances have a perfectly logical explanation. The Cushing Police Department would rather investigate a potential criminal act and find nothing than be called after the fact and find that someone has been victimized. Your call could prevent a crime or an injury and possibly even save a life! The following is a list of things that may be considered suspicious:
·    A stranger entering your neighbor’s home or property when the neighbor is not home.
·    A person looking into parked cars may be looking for a car to steal or for valuables.
·    The sound of breaking glass or other loud explosive noises could mean an accident, break-in, or vandalism.
·    Persons around the neighborhood who do not live there.
·    Persons going door-to-door in your neighborhood. Watch for a while, if they look into windows, appear to be trying doors to see if they are unlocked, or go to a side- or back-yard.
·    A person loitering in front of a home or business is suspicious if the residents are away or if the business is closed.
·    Anyone tampering with or forcing entry into a building or vehicle is suspicious anytime, anywhere.
·    A person who is running and does not appear to be exercising, especially if carrying property.
·    Simply carrying property may be regarded as suspicious if it is at an unusual hour, in an unusual place, if the person appears to be trying to conceal the property, or if the property is not wrapped as if it was just purchased.
·    Heavy foot traffic to and from a certain residence may indicate narcotics activity especially if it occurs on a regular basis during unusual hours.
·    Parked, occupied vehicles are worth noting, especially if seen at unusual hours. It could be a possible lookout for a crime, even if the occupants appear only to be lovers.
·    Gunshots, screaming, the sounds of a fight, persons chasing others on foot or in cars, unusual barking of dogs – anything suggesting foul play, danger, disturbance of the peace, or criminal activity – should be reported.
·    The unfamiliar abandoned vehicle parked on your block may be stolen.
If you witness any suspicious circumstances similar to one of those listed above, please call the police department at (918) 225-1212. If a citizens beliefs what they might be observing is an emergency, they are encouraged to dial 911.