(Cushing)- Cushing Police Chief Terry Brannon spoke to downtown business and property owners about a number of security issues during a meeting this morning.

Brannon urged business owners to keep their contact information with the Cushing Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Cushing Mainstreet updated so that there can be a line of communication when there is information that needs to be disseminated quickly. Brannon says he went to the Chamber recently when there were individuals passing bogus American Express Travelers Checks recently, and was able to alert merchants to the scam.

He also expressed disappointment in not being able to solve three burglaries that have occurred recently in Downtown Cushing. Brannon noted that after local investigators combed over the crime scene after a burglary at Mac’s Time Shop, he brought in outside investigators from the Sheriff’s department to be sure that no clues had been missed. The Fowler Insurance Agency and Dodrill’s Museum were also recently hit in burglaries. Brannon says all the crimes remain unsolved.

Brannon also spoke about another scam occurring around the country, related to the tax rebates.

Brannon says scam artists are attempting to steal identity information by contacting people and telling them they need social security numbers and bank account information in order to process the refunds.

Brannon left behind forms for business and property owners to fill out so that police can contact them in the event something happens at their business after hours.

The meeting was organized by Downtown Cushing Main Street and was hosted by the Faith Church.

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