Bobby Bryant welcomed Debbie Sellers and BP Pipelines to the KUSH Business Spotlight Hour.

A little history about BP Pipelines (North America):

BP Pipelines (North America) is a branch of the BP Global Company.  In 1998, BP and Amoco united their global operations through a merger. Both BP and Amoco had significant investments in solar energy and shared strong records and reputations for sound operating practices and environmental and social responsibility.  The joining of the two companies represented, at the time, the world’s largest ever industrial merger. In the year 2000, BP Amoco Pipelines (North America) was renamed to BP Pipelines (North America).  Just a few of the company goals are to improve the quality of life of people everywhere, all activities should generate benefits and opportunities, and their conduct should be a source of positive influence.  Their policy maintains that they create no harm to people and/or no damage to our environment. BP Pipelines maintains about 20 employees in our community.  However, their annual maintenance program of the tanks and pipelines provides many jobs and products utilized on a local level.

Debbie is employed at BP Pipelines in Cushing.  As noted above, BP Pipeline is very well known nationwide and of course are deeply involved in the Cushing – Drumright area.

Having been with BP Pipelines for fourteen years as the Administrative Secretary, Debbie definitely knows the ins and outs of the business and I believe is the go-to person when any employee and/or customer have questions or needs.

Debbie is a graduate of OSU with a major in mathematics.   At one point in her life, she considered being an astronaut (wow), until she met the man of her dreams, Mark Sellers, and wanted nothing more that to spend the rest of her life with him!  Debbie and her husband Mark, of 38 plus years, reside in Drumright and both have been extremely active in our community throughout the years.  Debbie and Mark have three grown children, two daughters and a son, who are each successful in their own right. Mark is very involved in the Cushing-Drumright Elks and will soon be installed as the President of the Oklahoma Elks Association for the coming year.  Debbie has served on the Cushing Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for the past two years and will continue to serve her three year appointment. On the Chamber Board, Debbie has stepped up and participated on several committees including the Annual BBQ & Blues Festival, the Annual Festival in the Park, and currently working on the Annual Awards Banquet to be held on the 28th of this Month.  Both Debbie and Mark have been involved in 4-H, when their children were growing up. The past twelve years, Debbie has volunteered and served the City of Drumright on their public election team and continues to do so with an upcoming local election this year.  Debbie’s commitment and involvement in our community would not be possible without the support of BP Pipelines and of course her boss, Mr. Stewart Carse! 

We would like to thank both Debbie and BP Pipelines for their commitment and involvement in our community!