For many years the Bank of Cushing has been a true friend to the Cushing Regional Hospital.  Their friendship began long before Bank of Cushing’s first pledge in 1992.  Many long-time friends share stories of the times that the Hospital only had 2 patients on one lonely night and how the Hospital didn’t have enough liquid assets to cover their debts and also how solutions were created to help solve these problems. A local doctor tells the story of how he & the CEO visited and decided that more doctors would be needed to put more patients in the Hospital.   A long-time Hospital Board member tells of how the Hospital was in precarious situation.  All supplies were delivered on a COD basis.  The Hospital had solid assets, but was in need of liquid assets and they used the Hospital’s land etc to provide collateral to gain needed money to operate the hospital.   

Recalling information, John Bryant tells how the Bank of Cushing extended the Hospital a line of credit in order for them to be able to pay the bills. Since that time, the Bank of Cushing and Cushing Regional Hospital have maintained their friendship.  

In 1992, the Bank of Cushing made their first pledge of $50,000.  In 2004, at the beginning of the construction and renovation of the Hospital, the Bank of Cushing and its Board of Directors were one of the first pledges that the Hospital Foundation received.  The Bank of Cushing and the Board of Directors each pledged $50,000 making their total pledge $100,000.  With that pledge, the Bank of Cushing chose to have the Women’s Health Center bear their name.   

We are truly thankful for all the Bank of Cushing does for the Hospital and for the Foundation.  They are always willing to help with any project that the Foundation undertakes.  They are strong supporters of the Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon and for the Charity Golf Event to raise funds to educate our local EMTs to the paramedic level.  They support with their money, and with volunteers from the Bank of Cushing.

John Bryant, the Bank of Cushing, their Board of Directors, and their staff are truly community supporters.  The Bank of Cushing leads by example. They live by the rule that “if you want a friend, you must be a friend!”    CRH Foundation and Cushing Regional Hospital believe that the Bank of Cushing is a true friend.