B & C Business Supply is your source for time management and their service is the little thing that makes a big difference. Cushing native Linda Lee gives us the details.


 Loving families, lasting friendships with classmates and a close-knit community is the hallmark of Cushing Oklahoma. Those who come to Cushing and have never had that, recognize right away, technology is here, art, music, but something more…..a kindred spirit, community involvement, and a high level of values,  every single day. It is not just an occasional occurrence, but a way of life. And those who have had it and leave, usually return. Linda Lee is one of those such Cushing natives who ventured out,  to Dallas Texas, for a time and returned and is enjoying a rewarding career as office manager at B&C Business Products of Cushing. B & C Business Products has been in the office supply business for over 70 years. Can you imagine how many changes they have seen in business products in 70 years? B & C Business Products was founded, in Stillwater, in 1938, by Ed Burris and J.L. Crossman, hence B & C. The business started as a printing company and 2 years later, added photography and office supplies. Terri Grove a Stillwater native and OSU graduate purchased the business in 1994. In 2003, B & C opened their Cushing store. B & C, Linda and all the staff pride themselves in providing hometown customer service at super store prices. B&C is a full service provider of office & computer machines and supplies, office furniture, janitorial & break room supplies, custom printing, digital copiers and electronic document solutions. And they have good smelling candle too! They stock specialty products it requires to clean your machines and office equipment. Sharp is their copier line and today B & C has over 500 copiers out on lease, which they provide service for. When you work with their courteous and knowledgeable staff, you will not sacrifice quality service to save money. You can call them with your special needs, or if there is an item that you don’t find in their catalog, B & C  will do their best to fill your request at no additional charge. They offer free local next day delivery on over 25,000 items. They have new and used office furniture. At B&C they believe “Service is a little thing that makes a BIG difference”.

     We are all having to take on more work in lieu of hiring additional employees. Therefore, with all the extra work, there is nothing like a machine that not only works properly, but also can do a variety of tasks. In addition, if it does not, it is so nice to have someone qualified, come over and fix the problem, right away. That is what you will find at B & C Business Products. Linda Lee brought along with her for the interview, one of B & C’s very qualified technicians, Brad Trunk. Brad and his father, Bruce Trunk, work hard to respond to all B & C client issues whether it be computer virus’, copier or office machine problems and continuance of optimal performance and improvements of capabilities of all types of office machines. The standards are high for B & C, for example, response time for a problem, 2-4 hours. Now that is excellent service, and if you have ever had an office machine down, you know what I am talking about. Owner Terri Grove says, “They strive to provide quality customer service and competitive pricing, affording Cushing community the ability to shop local.” They check the prices regularly at all the major chains and will match them.  Terri also says, “We pride ourselves on being there for our clients when things are, not so easy.” In addition, B & C is one of those stores that cater to your every business need. Your one stop shop! The quality of their products are of a professional higher quality, with a large volume of variety, and all with a friendly smile that greets you the moment you walk in and help you find what you are looking for. I love that, because it reduces time wondering around and getting the wrong thing. Annual planners and date books are on sale now and they have a new catalog coming out. They have a new catalog coming out soon. Call Linda at B & C Business Products today (918)225-7766 or visit their website for the latest specials at their website: www.bcbusinessproducts.com . Terry says they are proud to be part of the Cushing community and urge everyone to stop by 501 E. Main St. in Cushing or 113 W. 9th St. in Stillwater, and that she would love to meet you! It is just one more reason to, “Try Local First. ” Thanks Linda Lee, and Brad Trunk. We look forward to hearing about what is new at B & C Business Products soon.