The secret is out! Linda Lee from B & C Business Products is back to tell us how you can get your own FIREFIGHTERS Calendar!!

Should I start with telling you that B & C Business Products has an new line of cleaning supplies? Not only do they have all the latest technology has to offer in state of the art office machines and supplies, furniture new and used, now they can help you stock your offices – right down to the cleaning products for everything in the office as well as your machines. Their new line just makes them more of a one stop shop for all your office needs. They now offer cleaning supplies for your carpets and floors, counter tops, bathrooms, and furniture.. They have a very nice line of sanitizers and air fresheners, dispensers and Yankee candles They have coffee pots, and the gourmet coffee to go in them, such as Milky Way Gourmet coffee, yummy creamers, and cups and lids. They also have lots of delightful snack options that you would typically find in an office. Such as energy bars, candies, crackers, drinks and more. They even have doggie and kitty treats!  You can get it all at B & C.  AND if they don’t have it, they will get most anything for you by the next day.  They are dedicated to offering you competitive pricing.

Now if you think  all that’s exciting… cuz, personally I’m really worked up about the milky way coffee… there is more exciting news from B & C! We all know about Breast Cancer awareness month and how a lot of people and companies have been doing their part..well…with the new year just around the corner, and B & C has calendars for sale…they are now including a very SPECIAL calendar.  The Cushing Firefighters Calendar is now available.  Yes, a calendar chocked full of those HOT Cushing firefighters!   The calendar was a big secret prior to the Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon…those girls didn’t even tell ME! Our firefighters agreed to let Donna & Molly take pictures of them and their equipment in order to make a one of a kind calendar to be auctioned off at the Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon – and  hit it was!  It raised a whopping $625 for our community.  Because of its immediate popularity (yes, ladies it’s worth the $20 to have it hanging in your office and/or home!  And it would make a marvelous gift!  All you have to do to get one…or two…or three… is call Marian Gilkerson, director of the CRH Foundation at 918-225-8125 or  Linda Lee at B & C Products at 918-225-7766.  Proceeds (above cost) will go to the CRH Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness Fund.  So get them for gifts, and if one of those guys in the photos happens to be your husband, get SIX, and give them to all your envious girlfriends….

Since that was such a success… I got to thinking, what shall we do next? A slick Oilies calendar? We’ve already had a request for a policemen’s, or how about…THE Tigers!!! I will say, I am very proud of our fire fighters, policemen, teachers, all our city workers.

So order your calendars today!  And while you’re at it –  go online at to check out all the new products B & C is offering.

 Try Local First. Thanks Linda Lee and Brad Trunk for being in our spotlight and giving us a lot of helpful information about their products and servicing of their machines.