Quality health care doesn’t always mean having to make a trip to the big city. Angela Britton discusses with Cushing Regional Hospital Administrator, Randy Dubois, the achievements and exciting future plans for health care in our facilities.

Cushing Regional Hospital is a community-owned facility located at 1027 E. Cherry (corner of Highland & Cherry) in Cushing. Licensed for 95 beds, the hospital’s service area encompasses a 25-mile radius of Cushing and includes the communities of Drumright, Ripley, Agra, Perkins, Yale, Oilton, & Stroud. The facility entered into a lease agreement with Tulsa-based Hillcrest Health Care System in 1995 and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations. In addition, the hospital participates in Medicare, Medicaid, and numerous insurance and managed care programs. Cushing Regional Hospital offers a full range of patient services. Some examples are 24-hour Emergency Services, Geriatric Inpatient and Outpatient Behavioral Health care Services, Inpatient & Outpatient Rehabilitation Services (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy), Home Health Services, Diagnostic Imaging, Lab, Inpatient & Outpatient Surgery, Nutritional Counseling, Diabetes Classes, Respiratory Therapy, Sleep Lab, and Social Services.

The CRH Outpatient Specialty Clinic offers specialized services dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, rehabilitation and physical medicine.

With the recent passing of close friend and colleague Ron Cackler, Randy Dubois, would forgo retirement, to move to Cushing, and undertake the exciting and challenging future of CRH as our hospitals administrator. You might wonder, what is the role of an administrator, exactly. The role of Ron and now Randy, is to provide their perspective or opinion on new ventures or organizational direction, but are expected to provide leadership and direction to members of the administrative staff, departmental managers, board members and the medical staff on how to achieve the stated goals and objectives established by the hospital. One who has strong leadership skills is able to improve the quality of, and contribute to, the discussions leading to the decisions being. Strong leaders are those who possess the ability to promote and develop positive and constructive relationships within the hospital. Having the ability to speak well, listen well, understand how things are done and knowing how to win people over rather than running them over is something Ron Cackler was well known for. Randy, agrees, his open door policy is how he operates. I was surprised and impressed to discover, Randy makes his rounds, giving of his time to check in on and listen to the patients, specifically inquiring of their care and experience in CRH. Randy spoke with great pride as he gave a brief profile of the current staff. He shared the detains of the 2 new Doctors, Dr. Dustin Cupp, Dr. Jarred Adams, coming in July of 2010, and July 2011. CRH is diligently seeking a Dr. of internal medicine. We talked about the Joint Commission Survey and the need for a grading system, which would initiate higher standards in hospital, and give the recognition in excellence and achievements, to those that strive harder for it, as well. To date, this is a voluntary system. Making it a mandatory one as well as implementing a grading system would allow patients to chose from hospitals with more accessible information and definitive confirmations. CRH has volunteered to participate in this program, year after year, with such outstanding test results, that CRH strongly urges rule changes that would make those results be made public.

Randy, had high praise of Ron Cackler’s contributions to the hospital and the community. He praised the CRH Auxiliary, the CRH Foundation, and the wonderful staff. He mentioned the Nursing and Physician shortage. Maybe some of you were hoping we would broach the health care bill debate. There is just way too much good going on at CRH, and we only briefly mentioned what lies ahead for the patients and staff, but you can be sure, CRH, or Cushing Oklahoma, will settle for no less than state of the art, continued excellence, with all the flair and friendliness of living in a small town. We can be very proud of what we have available to us in the health care industry.