Billy Adkisson grew up in Agra, the son of Ron and Joyce Adkisson. He is married to Jennifer and they have 6 kids, ages 5 to 17. Jennifer is a teacher’s aid for a special need class in Cushing. Billy began his training in the martial arts when he was 18 after he was attacked and choked. From there his passions for the martial arts lead him to become an instructor. He received most of his training in Stillwater. He has been an instructor for 5 years, and teaches ages 5 and up. Now he has approximately 75 enrolled in Karate at his center located on the corner or Cleveland and Moses in Cushing. The styles that Billy teaches are Chinese Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, American Kenpo, Ryukyu Kenpo and Jujitsu. He holds 3rd Degrees in all styles. He teaches weapon mastery as well, which includes bow staff, sword, kamas, nunchuks, escrima, tonfa, and sai.

  Billy teaches handicapped children as well, and told us he finds a lot of joy and satisfaction in their progress and their excitement over accomplishing even the smallest task. Billy  was awarded a proclamation by Lee Denny that was signed by Gov. Brad Henry naming Martial Arts Day in Oklahoma as Oct. 14th. Billy, his family, and his student have assisted in community projects such as downtown cleanups and planting flowers and have raised money for St. Jude Foundation by holding a break-a-thon.

 If you are a student in Billy’s martial arts class, he has some requirements. Good grades and respecting adults and others are necessary. Any disregard for these rules are punishable by…um.. sit ups or exercise. Ouch! The mental aspect for Billy’s Martial Arts training includes self-confidence, discipline, respect, focus, and carriage. Billy say’s he really does not screen prospective students however, he can determine pretty quickly if someone is taking the class for the wrong reason and he will not hesitate to dismiss someone if that is the case. Karate is not about aggression, it is about self-defense and good values. Billy is very proud of his children, 4 of whom practice the martial arts. Joannie, age 8, holds a youth black belt and blue belt in adult. Joannie is also holding the State Champ in fighting and forms. Anthony, age 13, holds a Jr. Black belt and brown belt in adult. Anthony is also the state champion in fighting and forms. Sabrina, age 15, holds a Jr. Brown belt and Sherry age 5, a white belt. In the future Billy is planning to have cages for the very popular cage fighting sport, and a larger workout section with more equipment. The studio is very large and nice and everyone is welcome to come down and watch a class. Billy says a lot of times people will get up and join the class. The first lesson is always free. Watching the kids is eye opening. They are very serious and I felt I could really detect a sense of pride in what they were doing. Ever since our Holly Tichenor was attacked at Woodland Hills Malls, I have been interested in taking some kind of precautions. We all know we have to be aware of our surroundings, stop fiddling with the cell phone, pay attention, and make mental notes. But the threat of violence is real. Who really wants to carry a gun, it seems so drastic? However, it is a viable option that may be necessary. It sure would be nice to be able to just kick, “the you know what”, out of someone if they meant you or your family harm. Realistically, the need to be prepared for a confrontation is serious and a real prospect in these days and times. Even though Cushing is a fairly harmless city, you never know when one of the big city geniuses will stroll into town and be up to no good. That’s just me folks joking around. The mental and self-defense aspect of the martial arts is very effective and has been around for a very long time. The prices for the 3 days a week class is reasonable. $50.00 per month and for a group, the discount is huge. The classes are at a nice time in the evenings: 6:30 for kids and 7:30-8:30 for adults. I think I can do this. If you are interested, you can call Billy at (918)509-9036. Thanks guys for coming on the show. Veeery interesting!