Demolition work continued on Third Street Wednesday as Mills Construction crews tore down two more houses recently purchased by the Cushing Hospital Authority.  While no immediate plans are known for the properties, long-term plans are rumored to include the possiblity of a much-needed dialysis center.

The Cushing Hospital Authority Board of Trustees approved the authorization to pay Mills Construction and Welding for the demolition and clearing of the following properties:
1014 E. 3rd, 1010 E. Cherry, 937 E. Cherry, 1030 E. 3rd, 1022 E. 3rd, 1040 E. 3rd and 1044 E. 3rd.  The total cost for the demolition is $53,419.25.

At Monday’s board meeting, trustee Joe Manning expressed his desire to see some of the trees on such properties spared if possible.

“Folks will fight over a tree in a parking lot,” Manning said – giving the impression that at least part or portions of these properties will end up as parking lots.

Paul Bell, of code enforcement, told Manning that they’d left a few pecan trees, but would certainly consider saving more if possible.

Interim City Manager Steve Spears concurred, saying, “We thought the commission just wanted the land cleared, but we will certainly take it [saving trees] into consideration with the rest of the properties.”

Bell went on to say that many of the trees interfere with power lines or are damaged or diseased, to which Manning conceded that those would have to be removed.

Unfortunately, no trees were saved during the demolition pictured.