(Stillwater) — An Agra man who was ordered to enroll in and complete the Payne County Drug Court program as a probation condition in a Cushing stolen property case has been given a seven-year prison term after being terminated from Drug Court.
    Wesley Boyde Pearson, 50, had been placed on 10 years’ probation last year after pleading guilty to concealing a wallet stolen off a counter at a Cushing convenience store in 2007 and possessing marijuana in 2006 and 2003, court records show.
    Payne County District Judge Donald Worthington had suspended his sentence on all three felonies conditioned on his successfully completing Drug Court, from which he was subsequently terminated, according to a prosecutor’s motion to revoke his probation filed May 1.
    Two weeks later, the judge revoked seven years of his probation on all three felonies, but ordered that they be served in prison concurrently, court records show.
    In his stolen property case, Pearson was originally arrested on April 7, 2007, in his pickup truck at Main and Wilson in Cushing by Payne County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Nack, court records show.
    Three days earlier, Cushing police had shown the deputy a video of a man taking a wallet off the counter at a Maverick Mini Mart in Cushing and the man’s silver over black Ford Ranger with a red headache-type rack on the bed and a red stripe separating the silver and black paint, an affidavit by Nack said.
    After stopping Pearson for having an expired license tag and no driver’s license, Nack found a stolen wallet in the glove box of Pearson’s truck during an impound inventory, the affidavit said. Pearson was then arrested for possession of stolen property, the affidavit said.
    “Wesley (Pearson) stated that while he was at the Maverick in Cushing on April 4, 2007, he observed a wallet laying on the counter.
    “He picked it up, and walked to the last aisle of the store where he put it on a shelf.
    “He then returned to the register counter and paid for his $10 of gas.
    “Wesley then returned to the last aisle and retrieved the wallet, placing it in his pocket.
    “When asked why he did this, Wesley stated that he was ‘drunk and stupid,"” according to the deputy’s affidavit.